About Mission

Mission For The Kids is dedicated to helping those children who are victims of the loss of one or more parents.

In this day and age it is difficult enough with two parents to nurture, educate, provide, and help to develop the talents and skills necessary for our children to make the most of their future. As parents, we strive to educate our children to help serve and impact the world in a positive way. I have found this is the case for so many families who also deal with a loss of one or both parents. Many children have their parents taken by disease, tragedy, military service, police/fire or other emergency services, and other circumstances. These losses impact children taking away an otherwise opportune childhood.

Mission For The Kids aims to provide opportunities for children to have a full and flourishing childhood. Family financial assistance, events, specialized family Get Away Camps, etc are the goals of how Mission For The Kids plans to serve these families.

Mission For The Kids will work to help ensure that these children really are our future.